I'm Molly. It's hard to say who I am. I wear my hair messy and my eyeliner smudged. I drink too much mint tea and always say what I think. That isn't always a good thing. Read "about me" for more. The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Local Natives, The Drums, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, The National, Jimi Hendrix, Yuck, Arcade Fire, The XX, Bombay Bicycle Club, Darwin Deez, Joy Division. Listen, scroll and enjoy! marshmellow(s)roasting Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Please come back on tumblr! I miss you blog so much :c

aww it’s nice to know people actually are interested in my blog! I’m sorry I’m just very busy at the moment but i will try and blog some more for you :)

Rachaels photography :D

i get so nervous when i see people are on my blog like are you having a good time can i get you any refreshments are you comfortable

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transparent, looks cool on your tumblr yo





If corals get stressed they die, so if I was coral I would be dead 

what do coral even get stressed about

Current events

Get out.

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